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Carp Quarry – Brittany – France
About Your Hosts…

Carp Quarry is equally owned by Gordon and Andy and their families.

The partnership between us all works very well. Andy’s knowledge of nature ensures that the wildlife together with the fauna and flora of the lake stays as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. This coupled with Gordon’s knowledge of fishing ensures that the anglers and the fish are catered and cared for so as to produce one of the best small carp fisheries around.

The ladies work together to ensure the gite provides all the comforts and facilities that you and your friends and family may require. We do not live far from the fishery and are always available to offer you all the support, knowledge and advice that you may require to ensure that you have the ultimate carp fishing experience at Carp Quarry.

Hi, I’m Andy & I moved to France with my wife Carol & 2 boys, Joel & Cody in August 2008.
We came to France to start our own business, spend more time with our 2 boys and immerse ourselves into the French way of life.
Together with our friends Gordon & Sue, we have started our own business – Carp Quarry.
This project has taken a lot of hard work and determination to get up and running.
Our children go to the village school where they are the only English kids and seem to be doing very well, making lots of friends and experiencing new and different things.
As for the way of life, it has taken some time to adjust from the fast pace of the UK, to 2 hour lunch breaks, more family time and generally slow down!
Regards, Andy & Carol
Hi, I am Gordon, married to Sue with two boys Scott and Luke.
We came to France in the summer of 2008, the boys are now settling down in French schools and we are adapting to the French way of life which was quite a shock after living in Surrey where I was a self employed builder for 20 years.
I have been a very keen carp angler since the 1970’s and have spent many hours / days at the lake side studying how to read the water to improve my skills in my quest to catch more and larger carp.
After a few fishing trips to France with little success we decided to get away from the “rat race” and set up a Carp fishery where anglers have a good chance of catching large quality carp in a stunning location.
We look forward to seeing you.
Regards, Gordon & Sue.

We are friendly people who aim to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible!


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