Catch Reports & Latest info

We know your Carp fishing trip / holiday is important. So we try to give you as much details and information about other peoples angling successes. So you too can make the most of your French Carp fishing holiday. Below there is lots of info about the fishing together with a history of old catch reports.  Don’t forget your holiday also comes with the use of Carpquarrys fishing holiday . Gite – Cottage and Private exclusive use of the Carp Lake. So don’t miss out on the week you what for 2024 fill out the booking form right here right now. Lots of anglers also find our Carpquarry tips and tactics guild very useful in planning there angling trip and having a successful carp fishing trip.

Carp Quarry – Brittany – France

Lake Records

Common Carp 51lb1oz  swim 5  by  Mike in Sept 2023

Mirror Carp 56lb6oz  swim 5 by Andy Oct 2020

Junior Record 50lb8oz swim 4 by Luke July 2017

Most  fish landed in a week by one angler is 17 carp, Done by 2 anglers first in 2014 from swim 2 and then in 2018 from swim 4.

New lake record Common Sept 2023

A massive well done to Mike Blow with the new lake record Common Carp  Caught from the far bay from swim 5. Mike nailed the fish on a white 10mm Cell pop up on a bed of lake pellet with a sprinkle or sweet corn.  This stunning fish pulled the scales round to 51lb1oz.

2022 Carp Fishing Holiday Round up 

What a fantastic return to opening, The fish have been packing on weight and are in pristine condition  and fighting like mad when hooked. The lake looks amazing as all ways, Every week there are Carp being landed from mid to late 40s and the odd 50lb plus fish showing on a regular basis, The average fish for the 2022 season was a staggering 38lb. Our new range of Lake boilies have been working well and nailing plenty of massive carp, these together with our lake pellet are available to purchase when you arrive here, what has also been working well are yellow , orange and pink pop  ups on a bed of our baits. We are taking bookings for 2023 so get yourself booked in so you don’t miss the dates you want. 
Have a look at Gordon and Luke’s angling adventure. It gives a day to day guild of fishing at Carpquarry.

New Lake Record October 2020

A massive well done to Andy one of our regular guests on getting a new lake record and new PB on his Carp fishing holiday in October 2020 . The carp was a un-caught fish that still had a full curtain in  its mouth and weighed in at 56lb 6oz.

Overview of 2019 at Carpquarry.

As we come to the end of the year and also the decade , I have great memories of so many fantastic times and things that have happened at Carpquarry over the past 10 years, so many fantastic fish captures and PBs smashed. The lake and fish are going from strength to strength and we now have an amazing oasis for the Carp Angler from the quality and size of the Carp ( and Perch and Rudd ) to the stunning cliff sided lake location , its like Jurassic Park on Steroids. If you are the type of angler who likes to think about there fishing and work at it and put the effort in then Carpquarry is the place for you. In 2019 we had a new Common record of 46lb4oz in April caught by Sean in swim 5. We also had quite a few low 50s Mirrors put on the bank. On average every other angler landed a 40lb plus Carp in 2019. We know there are still quite a few big surprises yet to grace the bank and I for one can’t wait to see these big girls on the bank again since I stocked them 11 years ago together with a few very large lumps that were already residents of Carp Quarry before I became the carer. Roll on 2020 amazing things are going to happen. I look forward to meeting you on your Carpquarry adventure.

Your booking and travel to Carp quarry. 

Here are a couple of things that you must make sure you have in place before your travel to Carpquarry.

Make sure your vehicle insurance covers you to drive in France.

Make sure each visitor has a valid passport.

If bringing Pet make sure you have a valid passport.

Make sure you have a good insurance that will cover you when you are in France for accidents, death and personal injury and cover for your possessions.

On booking a holiday with Carpquarry you are agreeing that SCI Carpquarry and its owners are not liable for any Accidents or personal injuries that may occur to you or any of your party  on your visit  to Carpquarry. Carpquarry is also not liable for any damage or loss to any visitors property or possessions.You also have to agree and abide by the Carp Quarry Lake Rules

New Common Record

Sean has just landed a new lake record Common at 46lb4oz on 18th April 2019 from swim 5 fishing to the back of bay on our lake King Prawn boilies on a bed of our pellet. Well done Sean great angling on a hard weeks fishing.

2018 Catches and roundup

Well what can I say another fantastic year, we were shocked at how many different fish came out between 48lb and 50lb.
There were also 3 different 50s landed but no new records the average fish size is still well over 36lb , It’s good to see that on most weeks a fish of 40lb, plus is put on the bank. Quite a few Perch came out over the 3lb mark with a couple over 4lb, Also a few Rudd to 3lb were also banked.

As for the lake records they still stand at 52lb8oz Mirror  caught by Tom in July 2017 and the Common is 42lb10oz caught August 2016 these records will soon be beaten with many fish well in excess of these sizes.

Bait Success

Most of the fish are being landed on Carpquarry pellet and boilies, the fish see these baits now as a natural food source and trust the lake baits.  We sell these on site and offer fantastic bait deals. Just let us know what you want when you arrive at Carp  Quarry.

Rewarding fishing

There was no one swim that stood out and the fishing to all areas of the lake was pretty even. As always fishing at Carpquarry can be testing at times but if you are a competent angler and willing to put in a bit of work there are fantastic rewards to be had and fishing like no other,.

Food Packages

We are now offering food packages at Carp quarry  to take the stress out of worrying about sorting out your own food. The cost of the food package is 200 euros per person for the week ( payable on arrival in Euros ), for this you get a selection of cereals for breakfast, a full English breakfast baguette for brunch ( sausages  2 bacon and 2 eggs in half a French stick ) and for your evening meal a filling hot meal served with wine or beer , and a scrumptious pudding to finish. Just think no washing up or hassle just eat and enjoy , food is served at lakeside. Just email us at Carpquarry  to let us know if you want the food package and for how many people .( 2 minimum )

New for 2019

New landing nets and JRC extra large unhooking mats were purchased for 2018 but the fish are making the mats look quite small and some fish are only just fitting in them. As always every year the lakeside gas BBQ has been replaced with a new one and we have also replaced the lakeside Pub bench / table with a new one . We still have a bait boat for hire if required at a cost of 100 euros for the week or 20 euros a day.

We have now made swim 3 and 4 into a large double swim where if there is only two people you can cover the whole lake and this makes it very sociable. A new cooker has also been installed in the house for your convenience.

Ease of booking

As you can also see we have a new website where you can book the week you want right now in real time on this site – so please get booking we still have a few places left for 2019.

Advance booking for 2020

Choose the week you want for 2020 by booking now – its only a £200 deposit to confirm the week and you don’t have to pay for your holiday until 6 weeks before the start date!

I look forward to meeting you on the banks of Carpquarry See you soon at your Carp fishing holiday dream when you turn it into a reality.

Best wishes


***** New Junior Record

We now have a new junior record at 50lb 8oz landed by Luke in July 2017.
This monster carp was fell to lake boillies and pellet.

Top catches for 2017:

1st Tom 52lb 8oz new lake record swim 2 on Lake boillies and pellet July 2017.

2nd Andy 51lb 4oz Swim 5 on lake boilies on a bed of Lake pellet and Corn, Oct 2017.

3rd Luke 50lb 8oz new junior record swim 4 on lake boillies and pellet July 2017.

4th Nick 48lb 8oz Swim 5 Cell on a bed of lake pellet and corn, End Oct 2017.

5th Marc Twaite 47lb swim 1 on Pukka squirrel baits April 2017.

6th Jahan Van Rijswijk 45lb swim 5 on Krill dumbbell on a bed of Carpquarry pellet  August 2017.

The average fish weight for 2016 was over 36lb with most fish being caught on lake baits, Fishing for 2017 has been hard going but has seen some great catches and stunning fish landed watch this space. So far we have a new Lake record at 52lb 8oz and a new junior record at 50lb 8oz. That’s now 4 different 50s that have been landed but we still think there are quite a few more to be landed.

***** New Lake Record 5/7/2017

Some people are just lucky, Tom has managed to have his Honeymoon with us at Carpquarry  (Don’t know how he managed that).
Then the first fish he catches is a new PB for him and a new lake record at 52lb 8oz from swim 2 with a topped of snowman boillie rig with lake boillies on a bed of lake pellet.
Well done Tom.

Top Catches of 2016:

1st Jean 51 lb swim 2  Feb 2016.

2nd Marc Twaite 46lb 10oz swim 4 on Pukka squirrel baits Oct 2016.

3rd Dane Young 45lb 12oz swim 1 on Monster baits pop up Aug 2016.

4th Laura  45lb swim 2  Feb 2016.

5th Pim Duivenvoorde 44lb swim 4 Carpquarry baits May 2016.

The average fish weight for 2016 was 36lb with most fish being caught on lake baits, Fishing for 2016 has seen some great catches and stunning fish landed.

October 2016 Marc Twaite & pals

With us in Oct 2016 for a couple of weeks was Marc Twaite and a couple of his pals on a Pukka squirrel baits campaign.
What a fantastic couple of weeks they had with 5 fish over 40lb with the biggest being 46lb 10oz and many, many large 30’s.
End Sept 2016 Brad

This week we had Bradley’s Group with us, This was the second visit for these guys.
They were using their own baits and found the fishing hard going.
In the end we got them using the right baits and they had a few fish out.

Mid Sept 2016

Fishing this week was hard to start with until the guys started using the lakes baits, in the end Mark,  CJ and Pete from Surrey ended up with 10 fish between them, one high 20, one low 30 and 8 in the high 30’s

Sept 2016 Jezz

We had Jezz and his wife Gill with us for a week They had a great week and enjoyed the area and Jezz just fished in the daytime when not exploring.
Jezz fished from swim 4 and had fish of 34lb 4oz, 38lb 9oz, 39lb 10oz and 40lb 6oz, That’s not a bad average, well done.

End of August 2016

Fishing continued to do well with plenty of good fish being landed by Paul’s group.

Dutch Anglers Aug 2016

Another Dutch group and once again a load more good mid 30’s on the bank.

Aug 2016 Devon Boys

Mid August we had 3 guys from Devon, Dan, Jo and Paul.
All 3 guys landed new PB’s at 42lb 12oz, 41lb 8oz and 39lb 8oz the guys also landed 8 other fish all but one being good 30’s.

Aug 2016 Sittingbourne Carpers

Early August we had Steve, Paul and Dane from Sittingbourne Kent.
This one we have a detailed catch report –
Swim 1 Dane – fish of 30lb 12oz, 38lb 8oz and a new PB of 45lb 12oz caught on Monster baits pop ups on a bed of lake pellet.
Swim 4 Steve – fish of 29lb 10oz, 31lb 8oz, 31lb 8oz and 43lb caught on Nash 4G Squid pop ups on a bed of lake Pellet.
Swim 5 Paul – 25lb 9oz, 30lb 14oz and 38lb 8oz caught on Monster baits pop ups on a bed of lake pellet

July 2016 Devon

Two families this week,  Ollie was over the moon with his new PB of 42lb after a difficult start. Quite a few lower 30s also landed.

July 2016 Dutch guys

Once again great fishing with some big lumps out from 34 to 42lb

July 2016 Tim

This was the third time here for Tim and David. Once again they managed to land quite a few fish from mid to large 30’s.

June 2016

In June we had a few groups from Holland. Most of the groups had a 40lb plus fish out and also landed many fish from 35 to 40 and was a good month for fishing.
Details are sketchy due to translations and no details in catch report book but a good time was had by all and some great fish.

May 2016 Joe and Steve

Two families with 2 guys fishing. It was a slow start but then they managed to back fish of 27, 28, 30, 31.5, 36, 37 and 42 lb.

April 2016 Pim

Our first clients of 2016 were Pim from Holland and their first fish was a new PB of 44lb. Other fish they landed were 32.5, 35, 38, 38.5 with another at 44lb.
Well done guys great angling.

15 May 2015 The Devon Lads

The guys from Devon return and like last time Isaac nailed it.
Peg 1 – Isaac – Had 7 fish a wildie, a Common at 27lb 4oz and Mirrors at 26lb 8oz, 28lb 14oz, 31lb 9oz, 37lb and a new PB at 41lb.
Peg 2 – Tim and Peg – 4 – Marley both failed to put a fish on the bank.
Peg 6 – Matty – 2 fish a PB Mirror at 32lb 14 and a PB, Common 38lb 3oz.
Well done guys with your new PB’s

2nd May 2015 The Sheffield Boys

This week we had 4 guys from Sheffield.
Peg 1 – Steve – Just the one fish landed but a PB at 38lb 12oz.
Peg 2 – Andy – A couple of fish at 30lb and 35lb 8oz PB but lost the whopper!!!
Peg 4 – Tommy 2 – Well he cleaned up with the most fish and a pair of 40’s. Mirrors at 22lb 8oz, 28lb, 33lb, 36lb, 42lb and 42lb 8oz PB.
Peg 5 – James – Blanked but lives to fight another day.
Well done guys, 3 out of 4 New PB’s and some great fish.

25th April 2015 First fish of the year

Our first angler of the year Sean from Dartford gets the first Carp out of Carpquarry in the shape of a 38lb PB. Well done in the bad weather conditions

This week we had our Dutch agents with us Rene and Jolanda. They only fished days but still managed a few fish at 14Kg , 14.5 Kg and 15Kg. I have found one of your Crocs Rene but the other one and your Glasses are still in the depths of Carpquarry lol.
It was great to meet your guys and look forward to seeing you again.


This week we had Steve Dawe and his group from Devon.
Steve was in swim 1 and had 6 fish a 25lb 4oz, 29lb 2oz, 30lb 8oz, 31lb 4oz, 37lb 10oz and 38lb 4oz PB half the fish caught on Tigernut with plastic corn or Frankfurter pop up.
Trevor Swim 2 had just a couple of fish at 25lb 8oz and 26lb 7oz PB on same baits.
Kevin swim 4 had 6 fish a wildie at 8lb and Mirrors at 25lb 8oz, 29lb 9oz, 29lb 12oz, 39lb 9oz PB and a lake record Common at 39lb all on Tigernuts.
Jamie swim 5 had 4 fish at 26lb 4oz, 27lb, 36lb 4oz and 38lb 6oz PB on pineapple and Frankfurters pop ups.
Its funny how the guys did well on Tigers after the Dutch guys put a lot into the lake the Carp have a taste for them now.

To quote from the guys write up in the catch report book:
“We had a fantastic week in a wonderful fishery run by great people. Hosting spot on there to give advice when needed but not over bearing and good company.
Playing these stunning carp is like fishing in a aquarium and make a totally unique experience”.
Thanks for the kind words guys, glad you enjoyed your week.


This week we had our first Dutch guys Danny, Bart, Sjaak and Maikel visit the lake. The guys were on Tiger  nuts and had a hard week of it but in the last couple of days when they went onto the lake boillies they got a few fish out, Common at 28lb and a couple of Mirrors at 26lb and 34lb.

This is a quote from their report in our catch report book:
“This is our 7th fish trip and we found it the most beautiful and nicest lake ever and the service was also the best ever”.
Thanks Guys.

10th May 2014

This week we have 5 guys on the lake .
Tony swim 1, John swim 2, Terry (grandad) swim 4, Terry (son ) swim 5 and Terry ( Dad ) swim 6.
Tony in swim 1 had 4 fish on the bank at 33lb 6oz, 34lb 7oz, 38lb 9oz and 39lb 6oz PB. He also lost a few, that’s a hell of a good fish average weight.
John in swim 2 just had the 1 fish at 33lb 6oz PB
Terry Grandad in Swim 4 had 4 fish like Tony at 26lb 12oz, 27lb 8oz, 33lb 8oz and 37lb 4oz PB.
Sadly The other 2 Terry’s blanked in swims 5 and 6.

1st Catch report for 2014 1st May

Here we go again the first catch report for 2014 week starting 1st May, 4 guys with us from Devon.
Marley in swim 1 had a quite week and only had one fish which was a new PB for him at 33lb.
Matt in swim 2 like Marley had a hard week again with only 1 fish but again a new PB at 27lb.
Tim in swim 5 had more action with a Common at 19lb and two fat mirrors, both just shy of the 40 mark and weighed in at 39lb and 39lb 8oz PB.
Isaac in Swim 6 had all Mirrors at 21lb, 24lb, 25lb, 30lb 8oz, 34lb 8oz and 35lb PB, he also lost quite a few.
All the small fish at 25lb and under came out on Chick pea and the larger ones on scopex squid and red robin boillies on a bed of lake pellets and corn.
Glad to have a full house of new PB’s can’t wait to get the photos as the guys had some cracking shots and videos.

Jim, Warren and Darren 31-8-13

With us from 31st Aug to 7th Sept 2013 was Jim, Darren and Warren,

Darren in swim 4 had 5 fish. A wildie about 10lb and Mirrors at 25lb, 29lb, 31lb and 32lb PB.
Warren swim 5 had 7 fish, a wildie about 8lb and Mirrors of 26lb, 26lb 8oz, 27lb, 28lb, 30lb 8oz and 37lb PB.
Jim also swim 5 had just 4 but lost another 7, fish landed was 2 wildies of 8lb and 13lb6oz and 2 mirrors at 26lb and 40lb 4oz.
Well done guys see you next year.

***** Scott’s New lake record Common

On only Scott’s second night ever night fishing for big carp, Scott aged 12 landed himself the new lake record common at 37lb at 10am on 9th Aug 2013 with a single scopex, squid and red robin boillie on a bed of Carpquarry pellet fishing from swim 1 tight to the far side rock face of swim 2, This was within a foot or two of where the new lake record mirror (45.8) fell a few weeks before on the same bait.

w/c 20-7-13 Karl, Tom & Jame’s 2nd visit

So the guys have left and here is how they did.

Karl swim 4 – 7 fish – 1 wildie and 6 from mid to high 20’s.

James swim 5 – 14 fish – 2 x wildie’s, 6 from mid to high 20’s and the others over 30lb were 35-5, 31-1, 30-9, 34-8, 34-12 and 45-8 new PB and lake record.

Tom swim 5 – 14 fish – 3 wildie’s, 7 mid to high 20’s and the others over 30 were 32-5, 36-12, 30-4, and new pb of 44-12.

Well done guys top weeks angling.


4 guys this week, mixed bag with only 10 fish landed and 10 lost.
smallest was 23.8 and the biggest 35.6 and Geoff in swim 4 had no fish in his swim so it was reported lol.


3 guys fishing and had 14 fish.
7 x mid to high 20’s
6 x low to mid 30’s
1 x mid to high 30’s

May 2013

The last couple of weeks of may was very patchy with only a dozen or so fish being landed from mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Michael, Luke Torley and Jim 4/5/13′

Luke aged 13 had his first 30lb plus fish, Well done Luke and Dad Michael had a PB of 37lb
Other fish landed were.
3 x high 20’s
12 x low to mid 30’s
3 x mid to high 30’s
and about 10 lost.

Thierry’s 48 hours 25th April 2013

We had local angler Thierry visit for a 48 hour session and what a session he had landing 5 fish at 31lb, 35lb 8oz, 38lb 12oz, 40lb 12oz and 41lb 8oz.
Well done in being the first person to land 2 x 40’s in a single session and you did it in 2 days and not the normal week.
Top angling!

4th Nov 2012

Jason and Harry from Plymouth were our last anglers of 2012.
Jason in swim 4 and Harry in 5. Both guys were using lake baits and pellet.
Jason had 5 fish at 36lb 8oz, 29lb 8oz, 32lb, 33lb 12oz and 28lb 12oz.
Harry had 12 fish at 32lb, 37lb 8oz, 34lb 12oz common, 38lb 8ozPB, 32lb, 35lb 12oz, 31lb, 24lb 8oz, 29lb 12oz, 34lb, 28lb 6oz and 33lb.
Top fishing Harry with 9 x 30s in a week that must be a record and your ave fish size was massive. Then you got one at 24,8 to spoil it.
Good to see you guys, don’t forget you owe me a weigh sling that got blown in the lake !!!

20th Oct 2012 Shane and Jamie

This week we had our charity auction winners Shame and Jamie from Lowestoft.
Shane in swim 4 had a tough time of it with only 1 fish at 29lb 4oz and lost a couple.
Jamie in Swim 5 did much better with 7 fish at 34lb 8oz, 30lb, 40lb PB, 24lb 4oz, 30lb, 29lb 1oz, and 37lb 4oz.
Jamie was fishing hard to the back wall in the bay of swim 6.
Both guys were using A1 baits (NB2 from Jason Rider) on a bed of lake pellet.

7th Oct 2012

This week we had Dave ,Jeff and Dom from Bristol.
All 3 guys got new PB’s with Jeff in Swim 5 doing the best with a new pb of 39lb 8 oz and other fish at 34lb 6oz, 37lb 7oz, 27lb 8oz, 32lb, 29lb 8oz, 29lb and 31lb.
In swim 3 was Dom with 4 fish at 36lb 12oz PB, 28lb 8oz, 34lb and 33lb 12oz.
In swim 1 was Dave with 6 fish at 25lb, 25lb 12oz, 35lb 12oz PB, 31lb, 30lb 8oz and 28lb.
Well done guys good angling after a slow start, see you again time next year.

29th Sept Nick & Billy

Nick and Billy returned via plane,
This time Nick managed to beat his Dads PB from last time with a fish just under 38lb .
They both had a few fish from mid 20’s to upper 30’s on this visit.
Well done guys, I know you are all ready planning your next trip to Carpquarry.

15th Sept 2012

This week we had the return of Alan bell with his pal Tel.
Tel was in swim 4 and Alan in swim 5.
Alan is our record holder for the most missed / lost fish in a week set 2 years ago ( 19 ). Not that I am rubbing it in !!!!
Anyway this year he did much better but still lost/missed 9 fish, but did catch 7 fish and topped them off with a new PB Common of 34lb and a PB Mirror of 43lb.
Tel had a couple of fish and lost a few.
Well done Alan you are on the top of the list of the 5 best fish of the year list on the news page.

8th Sept 2012

This week we had Jack Armstrong family, son, dad and granddad.
Had a great time with only one carp out in the low 30s.

1st Sept 2012

This week we had Graham Ward and his 2 pal with us for a week.
The guys just wanted to have time out for the week in an amazing place with a bit of fishing on the side.
The guys had a great week where they could recharge there batteries with no stress and that’s what they got.
Nice to meet you guys.

25th Aug 2012

This week we had the return of Nick Box and his crew from Dartford, Kent.
Nick in swim 3 had 2 mirrors at 23lb 2oz & 26lb 13oz and a Common of 25lb 7oz.
Bill in swim 4 had Mirrors at 29lb 14oz, 29lb 15oz and 30lb.
Paul in swim 5 had Mirrors at 32lb 7oz and a new PB at 37lb 12oz.
All fish like normal from tight to the far side on our baits.

18th Aug 2012

This week we had Sharon Worthington’s group.
The 2 girls had a great time riding about the local area and day trips out while to 2 guys fished.
The fishing was still a bit on the slow side with just a few fish but did have a new PB of 33lb.

11th Aug 2012

This week we had Rick Jankowicz family and friends.
The weather had changed again and made the fishing harder with only a few fish out at high 20’s / low 30’s.
But they did lose a very big carp at the net in swim 1 that is big carp fishing for you !!!

4th Aug 2012

This week we had Adam Trowbridge and his sons Dan and Tom.
The fishing has picked up and Tom ( swim 5 ) had a carp at 29lb and lost 4.
Adam ( swim 3 ) had 2 carp at 24lb 2oz and 30lb 8oz.
Dan did best Also swim 5 with fish at 28lb 3oz, 30lb 2oz, 34lb 4oz, 36lb and 37lb 4oz.
Well done with all your new PB’s.

29th July – 4th Aug 2012

We had 4 guys with us for a short visit Paul, Mike, Rob & Dan.
It carried on being a bit slow the guys only had 5 runs but only landed one at 26lb

21st July 2012

This week we had Steve and Gaz with us.
How things have changed such a good week, the week before and this week the fish were not having it at all.
The guys tried everything but did not manage to get any fish. But that’s fishing I suppose.

14th July 2012

This week we had Karl and his son James with pal Tom.
Karl was in swim 4 and had 4 fish at 27lb 6oz, 30lb 1oz, 30lb 3oz and a wildie of 4lb 4oz.
Tom and James were both in swim 5 and Tom had 10 fish to 34lb 7oz PB and lost 5.
James had 13 fish to 35lb 7oz and lost 10.
Well done to to all the guys with their new PB’s but also to James who got the lake record Common at 34lb 6oz and then broke it again the next day with a Common and new lake record of 35lb 7oz.

7th July 2012

This week we had Chris, Jon & Steve from Nottingham.
Chris was in swim 5 and had 6 fish at 25, 26, 27, 27, 31 & 32lb and lost 2.
Jon was in swim 3 and had a mirror at 28lb and lost 5.
Steve was in swim 1 but failed to land a fish.

23rd June The welsh Boiis

This week we had the Welsh Boys with us.
It was a bit of a hard week but they did have 10 runs and landed 5.
Gareth had 2 at 29lb and 30lb 12oz.
Matthew had a 28lb 4oz.
Mikey had a 24lb 8oz
Doyley had a original baby mirror at 22lb 4oz.
It was great to meet you all and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Marc & Callum,  The BITG Boys 16th June 2012

This week we had Callum and Marc from BITG Carp Clothing.
Do you know what, they filmed a video which is on the Video page of this website.
You may as well watch the video and let them tell you how they got on.

9th June 2012 – Golds brothers and Dad

This week we had the Golds family at Carpquarry.
Dave in swim 2 did the best with a new PB and had 4 x 30’s and has never caught a 20.
Rich in swim 5 also had a new PB at 27lb 2oz.
Brother Andy had a 6 lb wildie and a new PB of 29lb 4oz mirror.
Dad Pete in swim 3 unfortunately failed to get a fish.

John Ryan & Ant from St Helens 4/6/12

For a short 5 day visit we had John, his son Ryan and pal Ant with us from St Helens in Merseyside.
All 3 guys left with new PB’s.
Ryan in swim 2 had a couple of fish out at 25lb 8oz and 28lb.
His dad John in swim 4 had 3 out at 27lb, 28lb and 38lb.
Ant in swim 5 had a couple out at 27lb 8oz and 37lb.
Well done on your new PB’s guys, we look forward to seeing you again.

The return of out fly / hire group Steve Patchley

28/5/12 This week we had the return of our fly / hire group Steve Patchley, his pal Peter and son Rob.
With all the warm weather we were hoping the fishing would turn around and at last it has kicked off and the fish were going for it.
The baits used were the lake boillies, Ocean Fresh Scopex, squid and red robin. Also shellfish and plum with our pellet.
There were quite a few fish lost but also quite a few landed.
Steve swim 1 had Mirrors of 23lb 4oz, 34lb 3oz, 34lb 6oz, 36lb 2oz and 37lb 4oz.
Rob swim 2 had Mirrors of 31lb 14oz, 32lb 6oz, 29lb 11oz, 33lb 6oz, 34lb 2oz, 35lb, 26lb 9oz, 25lb 6oz, 26lb 3oz, 28lb 7oz, 39lb 15oz and 41lb 11oz PB.
Peter swim 5 had Mirrors of 27lb 6oz, 26lb 10oz, 26lb 14oz, 25lb 10oz, 35lb, 37lb 1oz PB. and a 6lb Wildie.
Rob only fished for 5 days and was unwell for the last couple of days. He came very close (by 1oz ) to being the first person to land 2 x 40s
I am so pleased to see the fish getting there heads down at last now the water temp has risen, lets hope it continues.
Well done guys great angling.

19/5/12 Kayleigh from Sutton

This week we had Kayleigh and her partner Ryan with there Grand mum & dad.
This week the weather has picked up and become warm which is nice but the fish were not having it. The group didn’t do full on 24/7 fishing.
A good time was had by all even without putting a fish on the bank.

15/5/12 Mark and John

We had Mark and John over for a few days. Fishing has picked up a little and they had 5 fish out, Common at 27lb and Mirrors at 25, 31, 32 and 34lb.

Neil Mark and John Leatherhead

Had a couple of my old work pals pop over for a quick 2/3 day session on 12/5/12.
Fishing still hard going with the bad cold weather but Mark Saunderson did manage to land a cracking 34lb Common from swim 5 on the lake baits, Peach & Black Pepper boillies, on a bed of pellet.

Chris Shepherd 28/4/12

The weather was still raining and unsettled but the first day or so looked promising with a couple of fish out from swim 1 at 25lb and 28lb also a few lost.
Then the sun came out and we were all thinking great but the fish had other plans and started showing signs of spawning and were not interested in anything else.
At the end of the week the rain and colder weather returned and also the guys fished very tight to the far side within 2 feet and on the last night another 3 fish came out but only small ones. All at 25lb each.
Must of been little males that have built up a hunger after all there hard work mid week !!!

Jack Hayton & Co 21/4/12

We had Jacks party with us for a 3 day short break.The weather was still bad but they did manage to get a couple of lumps out.
Jimmy swim 2 with a 34lb 8oz Mirror and Jack swim 1 with a 38lb 8oz Mirror

Slow start for April 2012

Well we have had 3 sets of anglers at Carpquarry so far and we do pride ourselves on the fact that our catch reports are 100% honest, weather good or bad and so far they are not good which has been down to dreadful weather conditions.
Our fist group w/c 31st March, Malcolm and the 2 other guys from Southampton. The weather for this week was clear sunny days but dropping down to -5 at night but Martin in swim 1 did manage to land a mirror at 28lb
The second group Mr King and Poole from Leeds were also up against it and the weather they had was everything you can think of in a whole year but again a couple of fish were landed and a few missed swim 1 Mirror 32lb and swim 5 mirror of 27lb both on Trigga.
The 3rd group Kevin Higgings and the guys who came for a short week also were hit by the weather I don’t think it stopped raining and at one point had 2″ of hail on the ground. But again they did manage a couple of fish from swim 1 a mirror at 35lb 12oz on maize and swim 4 also a mirror at 33lb on cell and in fairness a few runs were missed.
It will be interesting to see how a group do using just our lake baits from start to finish of there holiday, I am sure this will improve catch rates but also when the weather calms down and warms up someone will have it off big time. The sizes of fish have been good with the ave size so far at 31lb 3oz but it would be nice to see a few 40lb plus fish on the bank.

Big Al and the guys 17/9/11

On 17th September Big Al and his group of anglers arrived at Carpquarry for their carp fishing holiday.
It was the guys first trip carp fishing in France. As the week passed all 5 anglers got new PB’s and the biggest fish at 40lb was landed by Alistair.
All the other fish where from mid 20’s up to 40, all the carp were Mirror Carp.
It was a good fishing holiday for them all with all there new PB’s. I am sure it will not be long before they are all back French carp fishing.
Well done to all you guys with your new Carp records.
We look forward to seeing you all again on your next fishing trip. We look forward to getting the carp photos and getting them on the Carpquarry website.

Bradley and crew 27/8/11

This week we had Bradley and his crew from Essex. Five guys were fishing in swims 1, 2, 4 and 2 in 5.
The start of the week was hard going with hot sun one minute then cold rain the next, anyway on the second half of the week the weather calmed down and the guys started using Carpquarry baits.
They ended up landing 10 fish from 27lb to 35lb and lost about the same amount. Swim 4 was the best swim fishing to the far side.
All the guys were over the moon as 4 out of the 5 went home with new PB’s, which was just what they wanted as they and there friends have been to other French lakes where you catch lots of fish but mainly under 20lb – and thats not Carpquarry!
If you want to catch a 30lb plus carp Carpquarry is the place to do it as long as you think about your fishing and keep the noise down, there are BIG rewards to be had.

Gareth and Toby 13 Aug 2011

This week we had Gareth and Toby from Salisbury. They fished from Sunday afternoon till Friday morning.
Gareth was in swim 5 and Toby in swim 4. They had a great week with some good fish.
They put this down to keeping quite around the lake as it is rock and also the bait which was the A-bait from Jason Ryder

Toby swim 4. Mirrors of 22lb, 30lb 10oz, 26lb 12oz, 28lb, 29lb 12oz, 21lb 2oz, 24lb 4oz and 33lb also a Common at 25lb 2oz and lost 6.

Gareth swim 5 Mirrors of 21lb 12oz, 28lb 6oz, 27lb 2oz, 27lb 10oz, 36lb 6oz, 26lb 2oz, 21lb, 26lb 8oz, 25lb 14oz, 29lb 2oz, 35lb, 26lb 10oz, 28lb, 28lb 8oz, 27lb 10oz, 26lb 6oz and not to forget a new PB at 39lb 10oz and he lost 5.
Well done Gareth in setting a new Carpquarry record with 17 fish landed by one angler in a week, Well in fact you did it in less than 5 days fishing.

Tony and Mark 30/7/11

This week we had Tony Higgins and Mark from Hemel Hempstead.
Tony had alot of his family staying in the house while Tony and Mark did a bit of fishing. Mark was fishing swim 4 and Tony was fishing swim 5.
Mark in swim 4 had 5 fish out and lost 3. The fish were mirrors of 34lb, 35lb, 34lb, 31lb and then a baby original at 22lb.
Tony in swim 5 only fished half the week as to keep his family happy but still had 15 runs and got fish from 23lb to 33lb. Tony did say that he had lost a couple of very big carp with one being massive and this is coming from an angler who has caught many 50s and also was one of the first anglers to catch Benson from Bluebell, but in 40 years of carp fishing has never felt anything like the one he lost.
Dont worry Tony, I am sure you will be back for another go at landing one of the big girls from Carpquarry.

Essex boys on Tour 4th June 2011

This week we had the Essex boys on Tour, ie Dave Richard (Whizz) Lee and Gary (Nugget) from Witham, Essex.
Lee Ward was the winner of the Total Carp Mag comp that we run this year.
The guys had a great time and some great fishing with the person who came last out of the 4 of them Whizz still have a fish at 34lb 6oz.
in 3rd place was Dave with a 38lb and in 2nd place with a fish at 39lb 10oz was Nugget.
The winner was Lee with a best fish of 41lb 8oz.

Have listed below details of all there catches in the week:

Dave swim 1. 24lb 4oz, 27lb 4oz and 38lb mirrors.

Richard (Whizz) swim 2 . 27lb, 31lb 8oz and 34lb 6oz mirrors.

Gary (Nugget) swim5. 26lb 8oz, 31lb 8oz, 27lb, 23lb and 39lb 10oz Mirrors also 2 Commons at 27lb and a new lake record Common at 34lb 4oz.

Lee also in swim 5. 25lb 8oz, 26lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 24lb 10oz, 29lb 4oz,2 7lb, 31lb 8oz, 32lb Mirrors and a new PB at 41lb 8oz. Lee also had 2 wildie’s at 3lb and 11lb 4oz.

Steve Patchley Rob & Pete Our fish Fly and Hire group 23/5/11

This week we had Rob, Steve and Pete from Essex.
they were our first fly and hire group.They had a cracking week and put the new Wychwood tackle to the test.
Carpquarry put them under its spell and they have already booked to come back in 2012.
Rob swim 1 Had 14 fish, a new Carpquarry record for the most fish caught by one angler in a week.
All mirrors at 26.0 , 32.2 , 24.2, 27.5, 32.3, 28.11, 20.2, 23.0, 28.6, 25.15, 27.13 and a new PB of 32. 6, and also lost/missed 3 fish
Pete swim 3, also got a new PB at 33lb and had other fish of 24.4 , 27.6 and 29.12.
Steve swim 5 had the biggest fish of the week at 39lb 13oz and had others at 29.10, 30.6, 26.4, 29.4, 4,6, 24.3and a common of 14lb.

Gav & Kev 16/5/11 – Carpquarry saved us!

There was nobody booked at the lake this week but we ended up with a call from Gavin looking for a place to fish.
They were fishing a public water in Brittany France and all they have had was a couple  of bream in 5 days.
They came to Carpquarry to try and save there holiday and save it they did, with only fishing 2 day/3 nights Kevin had 4 fish at 25lb, 28lb 4oz, 29lb and 34lb 4oz PB.
Not to be out done Gavin also had 4 fish. A common at 17lb 3oz and Mirrors at 25lb 2oz, 26lb 4oz and 39lb PB.

2/5/1 – 6/5/11

This week we had in Aaron, Kriston, Paul and Adrian for a short week.
Kriston was the top rod also with the biggest fish of 37lb 10oz and others of 27, 30 and 32.
Paul had a couple out at 26 and 34lb, Aaron had fish just under 30lb at 29 and 25 and Adrian also had a couple at 25 and 28.

Gary John Paul & Ken from Edenbridge Kent 23/4/11

This week we had the guys from Edenbridge visit us at Carp quarry. The guys had a good week and set a couple of new records.

John swim 1 set a new record of the most fish landed in a week, well in fact 6 days, the fish he had were:
Mirrors at 22, 25, 25, 25, 28, 28, 28, 28, 30.5, 32, 32, 35 and topped with a 39lb.
Ken in swim 2 had a mirror at 25lb.
Gary in swim 5 had mirrors at 20 and 29lb.
Paul also in swim 5 had mirrors at 25, 28, 29 and 31lb and topped of with a new record common at 32lb.

In the end 21 fish landed and quite a few lost/ missed but great angling from the guys well done.

Don’t forget we still have weeks open for 2011 if you want to visit Carpquarry.

Simon and his crew from Huddersfield 13/4/11

We had Simon and his crew from Huddersfield with us for a short 4 day break. They managed some cracking fish in such a short time with only one fish less than 32lb and they went home with 3 new PB’s.
Ben swim 1 Mirrors at 32lb 8oz and 34lb PB
Simon swim 2 Mirrors at 28lb, 32lb, 32lb 8oz and another at 32lb 8oz.
Richard swim 5 had the largest of the trip a mirror of 35lb.
That’s good fishing with an ave weight of around 32 and half pounds per fish.

Nick from Dartford 8/4/11 – 11/4/11

We had Nick and his crew from Dartford Kent stay at Carpquarry for a short fishing trip of 3 days.
They didn’t do to bad and running rigs and chod rigs seemed to do the trick.
Four anglers came and 3 had new PB’s at the end. Nick was the top rod with carp of 25 lb, 29 lb, 32 lb and 33 lb8oz PB. Paul had a new PB of 28 lb and so did Bill with a new PB of 31 lb 8oz. Pleased to hear you all had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again later on this year.

Nic from Wychwoods report March 2011

Taken from Wychwoods facebook page

As many of you know I have just got back from Carp Quarry Lake in Brittany, France. Far more than just a fishing holiday Sharon (my better ½) and I managed to get the rods out, explore the local towns and cities, watch DVD’s, drink wine (and Pastis) and I did my best to eat the local (and not so local) eatery’s out of food!

In this very short piece I will let you know how I got on, what I caught (if anything,) how I did it, honestly what I thought and what I saw.

After a 5 hour drive from Calais to Saint Servais in Brittany Sharon and I pulled up to the doors of the Carp Quarry cottage, up a quiet lane overlooking a small wood and little river, the Sun was shining and life seemed good! We had already stopped in St Brieuc for supplies so as well as the essential fishing gear, reels and buzzers and our clothing we had a boot full of Trigga, Beer, Pastis, red wine, bread and cheese. You could say I was contented! I was just about to pick up the phone when a loud, but very welcoming voice bellowed from down the lane, “nice weather for it, and they are awake!” we turned round to see the owner of Carp Quarry, Gordon. He had just walked out of the lakes gate, which were literally 100yrds from the cottage’s front door, he had seen some fish, and although Sharon could have done with my help I was desperate to go have a look. As Gordon swung open the gate my mouth dropped, in front of me lay a truly stunning lake, big intimidating cliffs, crystal clear waters and some cracking Mirrors drifting over the shallow road way, I was in heaven “Sharon, can I get the rods out!” LOL

It had been a long journey, and I probably smelt like a poll cat, so Sharon and I headed back to the cottage to unload the car and freshen up – long storey short, I couldn’t hack it, I threw the bags through the door, grabbed my reels from the boot and my bait and shot straight back to the lake to get HQ set up ready for a full day the following day.

Wychwood now sponsor carp Quarry, so Gordon dropped off some 12ft 3lb TC solace Rods, an Advanced Peak Bivvy, Solace unhooking mats and some of the new chairs, l was quickly set up and rigged up and had put some bait out on the road and along the wall (the marginal shelf) I was buzzing to get back the following morning to get the rods out for real!

Sunday was actually my birthday, so even after such a long day travelling and setting gear up Gordon and Sharon had colluded to book us a table at a local restaurant, and even after a bloody long day we both enjoyed a cracking dinner and some carafes of wine and rolled into bed around 11PM totally shattered!

The following morning didn’t quite go to plan, I had slept through my alarm and didn’t even open my eyes until 10am, we also needed a few things from the local Tabac, so by the time we had got back to the Lake it was about mid day, either way, we had a cracking spread of grub out on the picnic table, and I had cast the rods out under the trees on the far bank, things were looking good and all was rosey!

It is at this point when things became a little testing, I wont go into loads of details but I struggled, granted I didn’t do any nights, and we spent half of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday out exploring. The weather had changed to rain and I didn’t feel comfortable with her having to sit in the car in the lashing rain, so we visited the local towns of Carhaix – Plougher, Callac and Guingamp, all equally interesting for different reasons, there were also a few coastal towns and beaches within easy reach but I couldn’t bring myself to visit in the rain! On the occasions I did get the rods out i was finding it difficult, because of the depths you have to change your mind set, if you are keen to feel the lead down like I always am, then you actually end up bringing the hook bait away from the intended spot my nearly 20ft, so any bait you put out etc is fishing alone. The answer was to cast hard and from a high to low angle and take your hand off the spool as it hits the water, letting it fall ‘naturally’ you could then be hopeful of fishing the spot you wanted to. I put a little foam nugget in the small PVA bags just to ensure I knew where the hook bait had finished up. I also ended up washing everything out, boilie and Pellet. Gordon does sell quality bait on site, and it is bait they are used to, and comfortable with, but I have so much confidence in the Trigga that I decided to stick with it.

The reason I washed it all out was simple, on m y first afternoon I had put 2.5kg of bait spread out over the road and it hadn’t been touched, when I turned up Thursday afternoon it looked like a heard of Boar had visited, the bottom was torn to shreds and every last 18mm boillie had gone. So I hung my air dried baits out in the rain, and put a few handfuls of pellet in a bucket and left that in the rain as well, this would give the washed out effect.

After a few days out I had got a bit of “Carp withdrawal” I had seen some stonking great fish when out n the boat and I desperately wanted to put a hook in one, so after some sad faces she had soon packed me back off down to the Lake and shortly afterwards I had positioned the three baits in slightly deeper water off the front of the trees, the fish hadn’t quite got up into the margins yet. I also scaled my hook links down to a new fluorocarbon hook length from PB, changed to size 8 Jungle Hooks and fished 2, 10mill Trigga bottom baits and little bags of washed out Pellet. It clearly worked, as about 4 hours after the baits went out the middle rod absolutely tore off, and almost instantly there was a massive eruption under the trees on the far bank, instantly I knew it was not one of the hippos I had been lucky enough to see earlier in the week, but god did I want it! After bullying it away from the far bank it wasn’t long before a cracking upper 20 rolled over the chord, thank god, the blank was saved! (-: shortly after this one was followed by a low 30, both cracking lookers and far from your usual pasty, pale French carp.

To sum up, I didn’t fish much, but I loved every second of it, for me it is my favourite French water, and I have visited a few, I saw some right hippos, the area is gorgeous, the lake is stunning, the cottage is picture perfect AND I WANT TO GO BACK! (Breath (-;)

Frustrating start to 2011

We have seen a couple of anglers down the lake this year but to be fair it has been hard going with only a hand full of fish out. Its been very frustrating when the fish are crashing all around but not playing ball.
One of the guys who could see carp close in on swim 1 put out 50/60 boillies where he could see them with 2 rod out in the mix at dusk only to find in the morning that every single boillie had gone except for the ones on his lines.
The fat ladies are being very fussy at the moment so rigs have to be spot on even scaled down to a size 8 hook for now until the water warms up a bit more and the fish start fighting over the food.

Winter carp fishing at Carpquarry

19/11/10 Saw the return for the 3rd time of the 3 amigos Tony Steve and Nick for a weeks winter Carp fishing in France at Carpquarry. The pegs the guys have are Tony swim 1 Steve swim 3 and Nick swim 5.

First 24 hours – Tony is off the mark with a 27lb 8oz and also lost another at the net.
Its been quite for Steve but to be fair he has not tried too hard as still recovering from the travel.
Nick has lost 4 fish, maybe getting a bit excited and being to heavy on them. If you try to bully them you will loose!!!

Day 2 – No fish for Tony but did lose one that wiped out all his other rods LOL.
Steve’s of the mark with a mirror at 28lb 8oz and Nick is also off the mark with a nice fish of 30lb.

Day 3 – Tony’s had a small one at 26lb 8oz and Steve has now got his first 30 of the trip with a 31lb mirror, this was a massive fish and looked much bigger, wait till you see the photos you will not believe it is only 31. All quite for Nick.

Day 4 – Tony’s had another small one at 27lb 8oz and all quite for Steve Nick had a nice mirror of 34lb setting a new PB for him and also lost another.

Day 5 – Tony has got his mojo back and landed 2 fish at 33lb and 34lb. Now all the guys have landed 30lb plus fish. All quite again for Steve but Nick has had a couple more at 27lb 8oz and 31lb.

Day 6 – All quite for Tony but Steve had another Mirror at 31lb and Nick smashed his PB again with a stunning mirror of 38lb and lost another.
Nicks over the moon with his fishing and has now packed up to get a good sleep before the drive home tomorrow, but the other two are fishing on after a 40 plus fish. Lets hope they get one, they deserve it after fishing in the freezing conditions.
No more fish for the guys as they left early just missing the snow.

So here is the round up of how they did on there weeks winter carping:
Tony swim 1 – 27lb 8oz, 26lb 8oz, 27lb 8oz, 33lb and 34lb.
Steve swim 3 – 28lb 8oz, 31lb and another 31lb.
Nick swim 5 – 27lb8oz, 30lb, 31lb, 34lb and 38lb PB.
Not bad for winter fishing.

Actor Lee Oakes night sessions

We had actor Lee Oakes at Carpquarry doing a couple of night only sessions, Nov 2010, and what a result he had.
Lee managed to put 6 fish on the bank with the smallest at 28lb up to 35lb, with 4 of the fish being over 30lb.
Well done Lee you are the first person who has managed to land all their runs.
Lee was fishing swim 1 using carpquarry pellet and boillies.

11/10/10 – 16/10/10 Nigel,Graham & Kevin

We had Nigel, Graham and Kevin from the south east on a 5 day trip.
First blood went to Graham with an original common of 17lb 8oz.
For this Graham won a bottle of wine for catching the smallest king carp ever caught from the lake not that I was taking the mick !!!
Nigel was then in again with another small original mirror at 20lb, after that the fish got a bit bigger with a mirror at 26lb 8oz and then with a 30lb 4oz.
Kevin was not going to be out done by landing another mirror at 26lb 8oz and then a mirror at 32lb 8oz.
Nigel replied with a 32lb 8oz mirror and then Kevin with a 30lb mirror.
Graham was enjoying himself in swim 6 with plenty of runs but not being able to land them as they were taking him straight into snags.
All in all the lads had a great time and enjoyed themselves catching some big fish and all loosing a few. We look forward to seeing you all again.


Paul and his mate Craig came for a short 48 hour session while they were over in France renovating Paul’s holiday home.
What a session they had – 5 fish 30lb plus and also lost a couple, but you know Paul you are not meant to slip fall flat on your back in the rain and hit into the fish and try and play it as you are laying on your back in a puddle LOL.
Paul had a 30lb and missed one.
Craig had 30lb, 30lb, 33lb and 34lb PB and missed a couple.
That’s a good result for just 48 hours fishing.


This week we had Alan and his wife from Dartford in Kent, The weather was all over the place started of hot then the rain came but this didn’t stop Alan getting a new PB at 32lb8oz.
Well done.

Alan & Lesley 18/9/10-24/9/10

We had with us this week friends Alan & Lesley who came over doing a spot of fishing and a bit of diving clearing out some snags.
Thank you for all the work you did clearing out underwater branches.
As regards the fishing, no nights were done mainly just late mornings to evening. Well done to Lesley with a new PB of 27lb 8oz and to Alan with a new PB of 31lb 8oz.
They also had another 30 and a late 20. But don’t worry Alan I will not tell anyone about the other 19 yes 19 runs that you missed/lost your secret is safe with me.

Pete Fagan and Jeff’s report 11/9/10-14/9/10

We had with us Pete Fagan and his work pal Jeff for a short 3 day weekender.
Both the guys landed new PB’s Pete at 31lb 8oz and Jeff at 32lb 8oz.
They also had a few more in the high 20s and lost quite a few.
It will be great to see you both again when you come back to try and land those big ones that got away.

Southern Inflatables Catch report – 4/9/10 – 10/9/10

This week we had the crew from Southern Inflatables Adrian, Phil, Luke and Emma.
It was a testing week with some doing better than others. All in all they managed to land 10 fish from mid 20’s to early 30’s with quite a few that got away, which is the norm with the sharp rocks.
Well done to Emma with a new PB Mirror of 26lb 8oz and top rod Luke with a new PB mirror of 32lb 4oz and PB common of 24lb 4oz which is also the first common to be landed from Carpquarry.
It was not one of the stocked Commons but one of the originals, but it was great to see one landed at last.
Well done Luke your name is now on the Carpquarry record board.

21st Aug 2010

This week we had Chris and his wife and grandson Kieran and his girlfriend Megan from Lincolnshire.
It was only the two guys fishing – what a week they had, it did not stop raining until the day they left which was a shame for the girls but I think they loved it sitting in a warm house watching many episodes of Gavin and Stacey.
As for the guys they were soaked all week so it didn’t make a lot of difference to Chris when he fell in trying to get the bait boat out.
As regards the fishing they had 8 fish from mid 20’s to just over 30lb.
Once again the bigger fish have kept a low profile, someone very soon will have a few big hits.

14th Aug 2010

We had James and girlfriend Kayliegh and James 2 for the week – just the guys were fishing they had a hard week and only managed to land 2 fish in the upper 20s but lost/missed a staggering dozen fish. I am sure next time you will be sitting by your rods.

Andy’s catch report 9th Aug – 13th Aug 2010

We had guests Andy and his son Rory over from Hampshire for a short midweek session They managed to get 9 fish on the bank and lost 5 which was pretty good considering they only fished for a little more than 3 days.
The fish landed were Mirrors of 21 lb, 22.8 lb, 24 lb, 26 lb, 26.8 lb, 30 lb, 30 lb, 34 lb and a wildie of 8 lb. Well done guys.

Catch report for w/c 31/7/10

Rob and Jacqui from South London came to stay with us at Carpquarry. Only Rob was fishing I think he had a bit of a frustrating week with losing 6 fish but he still managed to land 4 fish 25lb, 26lb 8oz, 29lb and a new PB at 31lb 4oz.
Most of the action was close in in swims 1 and 6 and all the takes were on our Peach and black pepper and Squid scopex and robin red boillies on a bed of Carpquarry pellet.
Should have some new pics on the website soon.
3 hours, 3 fish 31lb, 34lb and 41lb – now that’s good fishing

Gordon Lammie

Just thought I would pop down to the lake for a quick session as no one is booked in.
Anyway what a session 3 hours fishing 2 fish lost 2x 30lb plus and a 40lb plus all the fish were in swim 1, 3ft from the rod tip on our squid scopex and red robin boillies with a handful of Carpquarry pellet.
1 x 31lb
1 x 34lb
1 x 41lb
Have done a bit of a video but like a true professional batteries run out so have only got a bit of all the fish, the video is on the Video page of the site.
I have not named the 41lb fish I will leave that up to the next person who catches her.

Carpquarry catch report 25 May – 28 May 2010

We had Ivan, Rob, Simon & John from Surrey and Kent for a short mid week break and what a time they had 78 hours fishing, 3 new PB’s, 19 takes and 10 fish landed!
Aall the runs came on our squid, scopex and red robin boillies capped with a piece of plastic corn except Simon’s which was on Solar club mix and all on a small bed of Carpquarry pellet.Detail of the fish and times are –

Swim 1 – Ivan
Swim 2 – John
Swim 4 – Simon
Swim 5 – Rob

Tuesday 25th
Ivan 13:20 28lb 4oz
Ivan 18:35 37lb 7oz New PB
John 18:40 25lb 2oz
Ivan 21:00 24lb 12oz

Wednesday 26th
Ivan 04:00 27lb 8oz
John 06:15 24lb 11oz
John 11:40 28lb 12oz New PB

Thursday 27th
No fish landed

Friday 28th
Rob 06:30 31lb 9oz
Rob 06:45 40lb 13oz New PB
Simon 11:00 26lb

Well done guys, thats a good 78 hours fishing and who knows, when you return you might land that monster of the deep Rob that tried to pull you in and straightened your size 4 hook.

What a start to the week

This week we have Ivan’s Group of 4 doing a short week.
What a start for them, 3 hours fishing, 3 fish landed from 25lb 8oz to 37lb 8oz, 2 new PB’s and a couple lost.
The fish have the munchies they could be on for a great week at this rate.

Catch report 15th May-21st May 2010

This week we only had two guys fishing, Gary and Sean from London.
Again it wasn’t the easiest weeks fishing but saying that the guys caught fish from the smallest 25lb 8oz to early 30’s, again none of the larger carp over 35lb were caught. They seem to be more interested in eating the millions of tadpoles that are present at the moment.
Well done to Gary and Sean who both had fish over 30lb and I hope you had a good 50th Gary, we look forward to seeing you again at Carpquarry.
All fish and lost fish was on there own bait T1 boillies and all runs came from the far side.

Carpquarry catch report 1st May – 8th May 2010

This week saw the return of Tony, Steve and Nick for there second visit after falling in love with the place back in the Autumn last year.
This week was much colder than the last few weeks so no suntans this week. The change in the weather seemed to stop the bigger fish putting in an appearance but they still did quite well with the smallest king carp at 25lb 8oz and the largest at only 32lb 8oz.
Well done to Steve with his lake record wild carp at 12lb.
All the fish were caught from the far side tight to trees/cliff face on pop up foam on a chod rig or squid scopex & red robin boillies topped with a yellow pop up plastic corn or foam to form a snowman type bait.

Nick swim 1
Mirror 28 lb, Mirror 31lb 8oz and 2 lost/missed fish.

Tony swim 3
Mirrors at 25lb 8oz, 27lb, 27lb, 27lb 8oz, 28lb 8oz and a wildie at 8lb, 4 lost/missed fish.

Steve swim 5
Mirrors at 27lb,29lb and 32lb 8oz Wildie’s at 8lb and a lake record wildie of 12lb. 3 lost/missed fish.

Catch report 10th April 2010

10/4/10 – 17/4/10
We have had our first guest over from Cornwall. Sid and his wife Lesley and their friends Ron and Viv.
This was not a hardcore fishing holiday, it was a holiday with the ladies with some fishing as well. Sid and Ron both did well smashing there PB’s and also a French friends son who popped over for day for a BBQ beside the lake also did well catching the biggest fish within an hour of being there.
Carp were caught from the smallest at 25lb up to 35lb 8oz. All the fish and missed runs were from tight to the far side cliff face from swims 2 to 4 using a bait boat with a couple of handfuls of Carpquarry pellet with a few freebee boillies and the same type on the rig. All the runs were on the Carpquarry Scopex, squid and red robin boillies.
Well done on your new PB’s and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Overview of 2009 Carp Fishing Season

Well here we are looking forward to the 2010 carp fishing season at Carpquarry.
2009 was our first season, but Carpquarry was fished very little as we were still completing works and getting advertising in place.
The people who did fish Carpquarry mainly our friends did well with the average fish weight of 32.5 lb and the best fish at 44lb.
We fed the fish all year and they are growing at an incredible rate with the food and perfect water conditions and no real angling pressure,.
This is why we are expecting our first 50lb plus carp to be landed in 2010 together with a large head of 40lb plus fish.

So with that in mind there is still plenty of room in 2010 for you to book your holiday with us. It will not be long before Carpquarry is known as one of the best big carp small fisheries in France. We will continue to work on making Carpquarry the ultimate small carp fishery and the best place in France to go on your carp fishing holiday.
We will be updating the website weekly once the season gets started with all the latest photos and catch reports detailing bait/location/times etc. Also the odd video as well ( on our Video page ), so make sure you keep checking out the website every week for all the latest information.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for any info you require about your holiday at Carpquarry.
We look forward to seeing you at Carpquarry and one of you that is reading this will land our first 50lb plus carp and if that is you I will buy you a bottle of bubbly.

Carp quarry Catch Report 24/10/09-27/10/09

Dan, Matt and girlfriend Charlotte Came over for a weekend.
It was mainly the two guys fishing. To be fair the fishing was hard going with very little action I know the guys were trying all sorts and all locations but the carp were being very elusive even though the carp were topping.
It was only about an hour before they were leaving and the guys were a bit down after feeling that they were going to blank when Dan’s alarm screamed at him as he was packing up he struck into it from the far side of swim 1 and he was into a good fish. After a while the carp was in the net now all they had to do was try and lift it out the water. The mirror carp weighted in at 44lb braking his PB by 10lb caught on cut down chilli tuna boillies.
That just shows you keep at it, its not over till the fat lady sings, she may be just about to be on the end of your line, I take it was worth the wait for such a stunning big fish. Well done

Dan 44lb Mirror PB

Comments from Tony,Nick & Steve

Hi Gordon
Just a note to say we all had a great time last week, the lake was picturesque, you were very helpful in always! we all came back very relaxed and we cant wait to come back next year! May is looking favorite, are the same arrangements ok? as a carper for 15 years I /we have to say pound for pound yours are the best fighting fish I have ever caught. I’m doing my best to get all the pictures from the lads and will forward when I’ve got them, in the meantime if i can be of any help with feedback or anything else for your website it would be a pleasure, look forward to visiting again already.
cheer tony

Carp quarry Catch Report 10th-17th October 2009

Tony, Nick and Steve arrived from Plymouth and Bournemouth after pulling straws on the ferry Tony won and picked swim 1 the rock, Nick went for the double swim 5 and Steve in swim 3.
Tony’s right hand rod screamed off within 3 hours of him starting fishing and was rewarded with a stunning 37 1/2lb mirror caught on boillie only 3 ft from his rod pod in 12ft of water.
This smashed his PB by 6lb and now he had thrown the gauntlet down to his mates.
Two hours later Nick in swim 5 responded with a 32lb mirror braking his PB by 2lb, the fish was caught again close in of the tree to the right of the swim on pineapple boillie.

After this the lake became very quite the fish know the anglers are here after Sunday and Monday came and went with no action.
Gordon from Carpquarry met the guys to discuss tactics, the outcome was that the baits should be cut down in size to 6 – 8mm, the same size as the feed pellets used at the lake.
On carrying out the new tactics Tony in swim 1 was awoken with the first frost of the year at 2am by his alarm screaming and was rewarded with a 25lb mirror. He lost another a little bit later but did land another mirror at 30lb at 11am. This all seemed to be down to the fact of using small cut down baits that were brown in colour.

Wednesday at 1 am, Tony was dragging himself out of his bivvy again in the frost to land a 29lb mirror and Nick was into a large fish at 3am from swim 5 from the far bay of swim 6 only to lose it at close range within the tree to the side of his swim. At 11am again in swim 1 Tony’s close in rod screamed off and to show that his first fish was not a fluke landed another large mirror at 37 1/2lb. But now at the half way point of their fishing holiday it was time to change swims. Steve in swim 1, Nick in swim 3 and Tony to swim 5.

Nick in swim 3 was the first to catch with a 31 1/2lb mirror from the far bank, again on pineapple boillie at 9am Thursday, then 30 mins later missing a run on his other rod again from the far side. Friday morning it was Nick again in swim 3 with the action from the far cliff-face on sauce boillie and landed a 29 1/2lb mirror.
Feeling pleased with himself got back in his bivvy to warm up only to have his other rod take off with another large carp only to lose it at close range, all this action was at 4am. At last Steve’s alarm went at 7am in swim 1 and it was worth the time spent waiting as he was rewarded with a cracking very long original mirror weighing in at 34lb caught on crab boillie.

After being up most of the night Nick packed up at lunchtime on Friday to catch up on some sleep before leaving early Saturday morning but was pleased with his fish of 29 1/2lb, 31 1/2lb and 32lb PB, also a few lost fish and missed runs.

The other two guys fished on knowing that they could both break their PB’s.
Tony’s now at 37lb 8oz and Steve’s at 42lb.
Friday night and Saturday morning was all quite in swim 1 but Tony in swim 5 hooked into another large carp from the far bank only to get snapped up close in. A little later Tony was in again from the far bank with a very large carp that Tony said went like a battleship and made the other carp he caught seem small, unfortunately he lost it when it straightened his hook, I guess he felt the power of one of the big original commons.

The guys all left with 30lb+ under there belt and 2 out of 3 new PB’s.
Tony was just greedy with 2x 37lb 8oz fish in the bag.
The ave fish wieght was over 32 1/2lb. The guys were all using standard tackle like Korda wide gap hook links and safety clip lead systems.

Nick – 29lb 8oz, 31lb 8oz, 32lb PB
Steve – 34lb
Tony – 25lb, 29lb, 30lb, 37lb 8oz, 37lb 8oz PB

Well done to you all and look forward to seeing you again.

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