Carpquarry tips & tactics

On your Carp fishing holiday we want you to catch a few big lumps. Have fantastic memories and fishing tales to tell your family and friends about your carp fishing in France adventures.

Tips and tactics for fishing at Carpquarry.

Carpquarry can be a testing water at times so we have put together a list of tips and tactics to help you get a few more takes at this stunning lake. You have to think like a fish and realise that the water is very clear and the fish can see everything.

Florocarbon main line.

This will help hide lines in the water as it is invisible to the carp because of the way the light reacts with the line. Something like Fox illusion line is perfect.


The fish can see leaders in the clear water so we recommend not using rig tubing as leaders , keep it basic and simple. Just pin down the last couple of meters of line before rig with split shot or lead putty.

Slack lines.

Tight lines cutting though the water will be seen and the fish and they will just move on. If you use tight lines and the Carp touch them as they feel around with there pectoral fins they know straight away it is dangerous .

Bait Boats.

A bait boat will help you no end as you can get some loose feed out on the spots on the other side of the lake between or under the overhanging trees which you will not be able to cast too. We do have a boat to hire if required .


The quarry is mainly rock and if you use a hammer putting up bivvies or stamp around a lot you will kill the fishing for a day or two. Try to put pegs in by hand and be light footed talking and chatting is not a problem.


Not all bites will rip of like a mad man, with a lot of the larger fish  they will pick up a bait and feel the lead and think to themselves that’s not good and sit still and not run , so if your bobbin just pulls to the top and sits there it is worth picking up your rod winding down and feeling the line for movement and striking if needed.


We recommend that you use the lake baits, This is not because we sell them or because they are any better than other good quality baits but because the fish know them and are happy to feed on them, where if you are using a new bait the fish will be wary and could take several days to get on them and by that time you have wasted half your holiday, at the end of the day it is in our interest that you catch and tell your mates what a fantastic fishery Carpquarry is.

Back leads.

Can’t see the point of them and there is no benefit to them, if you are landing a fish and don’t want it to tangle up your other lines just drop your other rod tip straight  down in the water.

I will add more tips that I think will help you but please feel free to fish as you please these tips are just to help you out and not rules. After catching these monster carp please follow our big fish care guild